Stylish, durable, strong and maintenance free! are all the qualities that aluminium as a material offers in the construction of Garden Furniture. Aluminium furniture can come in two forms. Cast aluminium which is solid and tubular aluminium which is hollow or can also be known as extruded.

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Solid cast aluminium has been used in the reproduction of traditional style sets that in days gone by were constructed in cast Iron. Cast iron was a material of its time but its weight and constant maintenance meant that a replacement was needed and solid cast aluminium took over the mantle. Today the process still involves creating sand moulds and pouring the molten aluminium to create what we see in the beautiful detailed sets below.

Contemporary designs and more simple designs are made using tubular aluminium. Tubular or extruded aluminium is easier to work with and allows simple and contemporary designs to be made with all the wonderfuls qualities that aluminium offers. Maintenance free and longevity are two of the biggest qualities customers tell us helps them in making their buying decisions. Aluminium offers both those qualities and much much more!

So I hope you enjoy viewing our 2021 aluminium collection. If you have any queries please email us on [email protected]